Murphy Hill, Oregon

June 10th, 2012: Not very high compared to Middlebury Gap but it sure felt high. Skip asked me to take this for Beth and Libby.

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5 thoughts on “Murphy Hill, Oregon

  1. Rick Brocato

    Hey Skip, looks like all your training on South Mountain is paying off. Hope you are having fun! Congrats on your awards at our faculty closing today. You, my friend, are Joe SP!!! Broc

  2. Way to go Mr. Darrell, I look forward to watching your progress across the country. Safe travels and strong tailwinds!

  3. Way to go Molly! I’ve been in that neighborhood—1977—seems so long ago but I remember like it was last week. I’ll keep up on your travels. Hard to beat WordPress.


  4. Sarah

    Hi molly! My grandma saw your blog! P.S. This is Lydia, Lois and Maxwell, back home!!!!! P.P.S, you and your brother look really alike!

  5. Sarah

    I cant beilieve it! Way to go!!!

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