Rickreall, Oregon

June 10th, 2012: A little tiny farmer’s market where we stopped to eat strawberries. This woman explained that the local marionberries that are so popular here were developed in the 50’s by Oregon State University and are a red type of blackberry – sound confusing?

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3 thoughts on “Rickreall, Oregon

  1. weetwobichons

    I used to love the marionberry sorbet at Blakehurst with Aunt Jo.

  2. If they are marion berries, they must be for YOU!

  3. Tina and Butch Darrell

    Hey S and M,

    You all look like you are having so much fun! We’re loving your pictures and comments on the places you’ve visited. Butch and I have also been to Three Sisters, OR. We spent some time with Fred and Ilse Hillyard a year or so ago and returning to Portland, we went through Three Sisters.

    Today is Sally’s 12th B-day. They’re all coming here for a cook-out. Barry surprised me with an e-mail saying he has been in Cumberland for a few days visiting a friend and he’s driving to Balto today to visit us. We’re not tellilng Sally so it will be a surprise to her, too.

    I do hope we are going to get to see you two in mid July.

    Love ya,
    B & T

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