Austin Junction, Oregon

June 18th, 2012: We camped in the backyard of a wonderful store / restaurant owned by Christy & Jeff Keffer and their cat who had just had a haircut!  We hung around in the morning eating delicious French Toast and drinking tea because it was raining and because Christy was so nice!

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6 thoughts on “Austin Junction, Oregon

  1. Ann Teaff

    Skip and Molly: What fabulous pictures! Looks like the time of your life. Don and Ann

  2. Love that Conestoga wagon and the array of wheels. Roll along, sing that song. Gus

  3. Best wishes from Maryland!!! Bikes for the world just got a overflowing truckload of donated bicycles! Happy pedaling!

  4. Johanna Nichols

    Yes, but, they got to ride horses and wagons! I suppose it was inconvenient to stop and hunt for their dinner. . . .

  5. Barbara Hofer

    Hope you’re having a fabulous time! Thanks so much for posting the photos so we can get a taste of this amazing journey.

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