Hell’s Canyon, Oregon

June 20th, 2012: After many miles through Hell’s Canyon along the Snake River – desolate, desertlike, HOT, and full of rattlesnakes (though we only saw dead ones), we finally made it to Idaho – still desolate, desertlike, hot, and full of rattlesnakes!

Our new friend and campsite volunteer Everett Salisbury standing in front of his motorhome with rattlesnake skins in each hand. He skinned them himself and preserved them in plastic bags with salt.

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4 thoughts on “Hell’s Canyon, Oregon

  1. Johanna Nichols

    You slept on the ground in rattlesnake country?! You’re either brave or nuts!

  2. Mary

    I guess everyone needs a hobby!

  3. rick collins

    skippy and molly- have fun and be safe!

  4. Silvine Farnell

    in answer to Molly’s email about getting together–Doesn’t seem too likely–but just for the heck of it, when will you be in Silverthorne? If I could find a friend to go with me, combine shopping at the discount malls there and visiting with you guys, might be able to find a place to spend the night. Could work out, you never know.

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