Riggins, Idaho

June 23rd, 2012: This is where we camped last night right on the beach. The wind almost blew us away and our tent was full of sand when we woke up. Lucky we can both sleep through anything!

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6 thoughts on “Riggins, Idaho

  1. John and Jeanne Windsor

    Skip and Molly- Looks like fun! Glad you are enjoying the sights.
    John and Jeanne

  2. Johanna Nichols

    We slept in a tent in a wind storm in Pocatello, Idaho enroute to seminary in 1985 with bikers partying next to us. Frightening memory!

  3. Don and Ann McPherson

    Thank you for all of the fabulous pictures. We look at every one. Don and Ann McPherson

  4. Robin Webster

    Great pictures! Molly, you are doing a wonderful job of documenting everything – be safe. If you want to make better time don’t let Skippy talk to anyone! Miss you buddy!

  5. Molly — I can’t imagine the amount of training you must have done for this. Hope you and Skip are taking breaks when you need them, and getting rest when possible. This is such an amazing trip for anybody. Appreciating your posts and photos vicariously.

  6. Janice

    Robin I second what you said

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