Lolo Hot Springs, Montana

June 26th, 2012: After climbimg Lolo Pass – only 6 miles and never more than a 6% grade – in the evening, we camped at Lolo Hot Springs. When we woke up and saw beautiful rock formations across the road but also RAIN!

So I dragged Skip across the street to some hot spring pools! Camping, hot showers, cheeseburgers and a swim in the hot pools all for $35!

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9 thoughts on “Lolo Hot Springs, Montana

  1. Mitch Kramer


  2. Johanna Nichols

    Two peas in a pool!

  3. Howard

    I can only imagine how good that water must have felt.

  4. Diane

    OK,now this is the kind of cross country trip I could do…..forget the hill climbs and gap rides. Isn’t it all downhill after you climb the Rockies and go over the top????
    It looks like a great adventure….enjoy it all.

  5. Silvine Farnell

    You’re getting close to Colorado–COMMUNICATE!
    Or have you changed your route to avoid our smoke??

  6. Ilaria

    fantastic! I love following you 🙂 Enjoy, and much love from Vermont

  7. Mitch Kramer

    Good thing you didn’t choose to bike during the hottest summer in recorded history! Oops…

  8. kate Gridley

    You deserved those hot springs! Faboo!

  9. Cindy

    WOW you two look exuberant. It makes me want to shake my hubby and go back and finish our cross country bike trip that we started but had to end after 800 miles because of HIS stress fractures in the legs. Love following you – if you get to Richmond – we’ll buy you dinner…..Cindy

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