Jackson, Wyoming

July 7th, 2012: Live entertainment at the farmer’s market. Notice the gates made out of elk horns.

Skip modeling his new wool tights (and his sunglasses which came from Janice’s mother who died at least 15 years ago). He is on the wonderful bike path with the Tetons in the background.

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7 thoughts on “Jackson, Wyoming

  1. Janice

    Don’t you just love those Tetons. Too bad you couldn’t take a canoe down the Snake in front of those incredible mountains. Faith and I did that when we were there. I also remember and love the elk antlers at all four corners of the park in JacksonHole. Glad to see you have deep sixed those old tights.

  2. Don and Ann McPherson

    Molly and Skip: Ann will love the bike path. One of her goals is to bike at the Tetons, Jackson Hole, and Jenny Lake Lodge. Don and Ann McPherson

  3. Lee Spencer

    Ain’t Jackson grand!?! Just like the Tetons!

  4. Janice

    Rachel, can I get a copy of the picture of Skip on the bike path in front of the Tetons for Christmas?

  5. Alex Lee '06

    Skip, it’s so awesome that you and Molly are doing this amazing trip across our country! 103 miles in one day?? That’s beyond impressive. You guys rock! Keep up the great work and the greater pictures/stories!

  6. Mitchell Goetze

    Skip, seeing this picture makes me dream about adventure! Todd and I rode out motorcycles accross the US three years ago (I’m not in the shape you are!!!) and seeing this makes me want to jump on the bike and ride it again. Have fun.

  7. Mary Maulsby

    I love the Tetons! I saw a fair few moose there too. This one looks like he is sporting some sort of hat.

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