Crowheart, Wyoming

June 9th, 2012: We rode all day across a Shoshone Indian Reservation. Whenever we meet new people, they almost always speak to Skip and not me. Weird since we have the same personality. This day I rode alone and met this Shoshone who had spent her working life writing grants to get funds for Native Americans. She said the white people living in town are all Republicans while the Shoshone who live “down below” are all Democrats.

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4 thoughts on “Crowheart, Wyoming

  1. kate Gridley

    She is beautiful! Molly, this is so cool . I love knowing where you are and some of the folks you are meeting….

  2. Linda Chandlee

    Wonderful story. Wonderful lady!

  3. Silvine Farnell

    I bet there’s a story with every wrinkle . . .

  4. Jutta Miska

    What a beautiful woman Molly. All of your pictures and adventures are so incredible amazing. xoxxoJutta

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