Jeffrey City, Wyoming

July 10th, 2012: Our oldest brother Butch and his wife Tina are out here touring the west in a converted van. They caught up with us in Jeffrey City where we went to dinner at the only surviving restaurant, the Split Rock Cafe, where every Tuesday is Make Your Own Taco Night. Perfect – I made five! Local potter and jokester Byron teases Skip.

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4 thoughts on “Jeffrey City, Wyoming

  1. Mitch Kramer

    Butch? Skip? Bud? Dimples? Bubbles? Marion? Doesn’t anyone have a real name here?

  2. Lee Spencer

    Well, it’s nice to know that Tina hasn’t aged a day since I saw her, ages ago!

  3. Mary Maulsby

    I was thinking the same thing, Lee! She looks the same as she did when I saw her last…some 40 odd years ago.

  4. Gary Levine

    Skip, I remember meeting Butch on one of our trips. Looks like everyone is holding up good. I so wish I were on this trip with you. This will be on my bucket list. Be safe. Gpop

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