Riverside, Wyoming

July 12th, 2012: Remnants of the Oregon Trail. The last 2 days of cycling have been exciting. Yesterday between Lamont and Rawlins, there was a terrible stretch of road with a horrible shoulder and 75 mph trucks. Even Skip thought it was scary. Then we had a big climb over the Continental Divide but the winds were with us and we flew up the hill at 15 mph with only sporadic pedaling. Today we had 13 miles on the freeway which believe it or not was relaxing after yesterday due to the wide shoulder!

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2 thoughts on “Riverside, Wyoming

  1. susan vigne

    Molly, I just finally got a chance to read and view the hwole blog. Amazing! This picture is one of my favorites — imagine the wheels that passed over these tracks.
    And I am trying to imagine going UP over the Continental Divide with only sporadic peddling!
    It sounds like a dream trip, and I’m so glad you are doing it.

  2. We parted ways just before Rawlins … Darcy, Sean, Darren and Nancy headed back to Oregon, and we went up north to South Dakota for a tour. Hope your tire held out – great repair job!! We’ll be following your journey every day – best to you guys!

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