Hoosier Pass, Colorado

July 18th, 2012: At the top of the highest pass on th TransAm route. Skip yet again rode the whole thing and I walked a little way. I don’t know whether to blame the early hour, the altitude, the hairpin turns, the grade, or the traffic – or to just admit that Skip will always win!

Coming down the pass which was a lot more fun than going up it!

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10 thoughts on “Hoosier Pass, Colorado

  1. kate Gridley

    Hey, you both got to the top!!! I myself might have taken a taxi….

  2. Walt Deverell

    Hi Molly:

    Keep at it…victory can still be yours! It’s tiring just thinking about biking up to 11,539 feet.
    Really enjoy following Skip and your cross-country bike journey.

  3. Mitch Kramer

    Very cool!!

  4. I hope the slow climb has gotten you somewhat acclimated. Spectacular scenery and cool people your reward for such hard work. I remember not-enough-air from trying to push-start a car at 14,000′, so I think biking at 11,000 is amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. susan vigne

    Does that mean it’s all downhill from here?

  6. Diane

    You are both awesome…..enjoy.

  7. Beautiful. I got a thrill crossing the Continental Divide years ago in my RV. And the highest pass on another route was 12,000 plus feet, with snow of the berms in July, plus a bit of panting to climb the bank to reach it. Gus

  8. Johanna Nichols

    Best photo I’ve ever seen of the continental divide–amazing!

  9. Lori Palmer

    Still enjoying your trip across America with you two!

  10. Meg Darrell

    Please keep the pics coming-we just love following your trip! Love to you both, Kent,Meg,Kent3,Libby and Hadley

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