Guffey, Colorado

July 18th, 2012: Even stranger than Jeffrey City. Definitely the oddest place we’ve stayed! Charlie and his dog Ernie who welcomed us to the town.

Some of the town decor.

Skip baffled by the decor.

A wonderful cafe where we had yummy gazpacho for dinner and had a great chat with Rita.

One of the local residents – a beautiful peacock.

We had a cabin…

And so did our bikes!

This stop has been on the TransAm route since its inception in 1976!

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4 thoughts on “Guffey, Colorado

  1. Mitch Kramer

    It’s nice to see a map of the general route, even if it’s on the old BikeCentennial form. How’s about a photo of *your* map/route from time to time with your progress noted so we armchair bikers can follow?
    –Mitch Kramer

  2. Walt Deverell

    Hopefully, you two made it out of Guffey in one piece. It looks like a visual from a Stephen King novel.
    Is that a paritally ajar coffin in the first picture?

  3. Robin Webster

    Love the “baffled” picture. I’ve seen that look so many times during the year from Skip. So glad you guys had a cabin!
    Be safe.

  4. Johanna Nichols

    Your encounters may explain why our national politics are baffling!

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