Ness City, Kansas

July 24th, 2012: Disaster almost struck last night for Molly. First between Scott City and Dighton where we were riding to spend the night, I came within an inch or two of being taken out permanently. I was riding along nonchalantly figuring that trucks could spot me easily due to my high vis clothes, the evening sun behind us as we rode east, and the straight, flat road. All of a sudden I felt wind in my right ear and realized a truck had veered toward me and then away from me at the very last second. The driver had obviously been distracted (phone call? texting? snoozing?) when he almost hit me. Fortunately he then went way around Skip. We got to Dighton and lay down to sleep in picnic tables in the city park. I woke up in the night with the most excruciating pain on the top of my right foot ever so that I hardly slept.

I decided to pedal 32 miles on to Ness City – a depressing town to say the least – to seek medical attention. The ER suggested I had a mild blood clot but gave me meds to fight infection in case it was the spider bite I suspected.


After visiting the ER, we hung out in the library where I finally got to read a book! I had sent my copy of “Undaunted Courage” home the first week to save weight.

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One thought on “Ness City, Kansas

  1. Johanna Nichols

    You seem to be taking the route that strings together dying towns. I hope you stay hydrated, safe from distracted drivers, protected from poisonous spiders and snakes, healthy and strong in mind and body. I’m adding you and Skip to my morning meditation that I learned from Van.

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