Kansas City, Missouri

July 27th, 2012: After a 5 hour trip (most of which I spent asleep), the bus arrived in Kansas City. Meanwhile Skip has been zipping along riding 80 and 100 mile days in spite of the 100+ degree heat. He almost beat me to the Kansas – Missouri border even though I was on a blasted bus!!!

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4 thoughts on “Kansas City, Missouri

  1. kate Gridley

    Hey Mol, I am glad you could have a ride and a little rest in the middle of this amazing trip… and I am sorry you have a spider bite….they itch like crazy!! Take care, my friend,

  2. Silvine Farnell

    you better post again fast–don’t like the suspense!

  3. Barbara Hofer

    Don’t leave us hanging, Molly! We’re all concerned. What’s the doctor news in Kansas City? Are you ok? I keep reading about the heat and the drought in the midwest and can hardly imagine what it has been like to be on cycles there with the heat reflected back from the pavement. Keep seeking that mid-day air-conditioning. We love you and send you good wishes from Vermont –

  4. susan vigne

    Hope all went well!

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