August 20th, 2012: Middlebury, VT and Cockeysville, MD. Well it has been a week since Molly and Skip flew to their respective homes. Molly has reunited happily with her husband Bud and their 21 year old daughter Rachel.  She spent the first five days recuperating (and sleeping)  in the Adirondacks on a tiny island that has been in her and Skip’s family since the late 1800s.  They will drive to Maine tomorrow to watch their 15 year old son Spencer perform in a play and to bring him home from summer acting camp. Skip is happily home with his wife Janice and his children and grandchildren.  Janice is relieved to be able to get a good night’s sleep again. Skip and Molly slept easily and well on the trip. They both fall asleep the minute their heads hit the pillow and they swear neither snores in spite of their spouses’ declarations to the contrary. Skip has been waking up with a start since he got home wondering what town he is in, how many miles they are riding today, and when Molly will get up and out of the tent! Molly and Skip just got off the phone discussing when they might pick up again in Missouri to finish the trip – with Janice yelling “Oh no you don’t!” in the background.

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6 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. Robin Webster

    So relieved and so thankful everyone is home safe and sound. What great memories you have and maybe in the words of Skip “God Willing” you will be able to pick up the trip from where you left off. And if you don’t know that you had the trip of a lifetime that many of us would never be able to attempt. I enjoyed reading your journal and that was enough adventure for me. Hope to meet you at some point Molly.

  2. Kathy Hermann-Bradley

    Skip and Molly, what a remarkable adventure! Congratulations! You experienced record-breaking weather conditions and, with fewer businesses open, difficulty getting your much needed midday respite. You did the near impossible.
    Now, that said, I think Janice is a very wise person and I wholeheartedly agree with her. Difficulty sleeping, unease with lulls in your blog, sensing the incredible darkness of New Moon nights were tough for all your fans, but even moreso for Janice, who now lives with your sweat-infused bike clothes as a daily reminder that you are ready at a moments notice for even more harrowing adventures! Oh my!

  3. Yay … ya’all are home safe! What an adventure – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ups and downs (not literally, of course … we drove through them in our truck camper) and your exploits. Meeting you and brother Butch’s family was a treat – one that we’ll remember fondly! Thanks …

  4. Cindy

    great blog – I may have missed something – tell me what made you come home from Missouri – some how I missed that part – was it heat and injuries? You two are awesome!! My hubby and I tried the same trip several years back and he was injured in Montana – so you go a lot farther that we did but oh boy what a blast we had! and how we learned so much about each other PLUS learned to lean on each other. The best to both of you and glad you are home safe and sound.

  5. Mary Gearhart

    I am very proud to know and to love the unstoppable Darrell duo. Thanks for taking on such an inspiring epic adventure and thanks even more for coming back home to tell us all about it!
    I look forward to sharing good times together, and picking up trails of your cycle stories.
    Hooray for Skip and Molly!

  6. Jay Geldermann

    Congratulations, Molly (and Skip). You made it farther (and further) than imaginable. That effort would have been daunting enough 40 years ago. I would have been a goner by Oregon. I am sure you have a new appreciation for the comforts we all have taken for granted for so long. We sure did appreciate this vicariously, even if it was not always enjoyable for you.

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