It has been said that the only differences between Skip and Molly are their age and where they call home, although neither looks a day over thirty and Molly still thinks she lives in Baltimore most of the time. This three month adventure is in true Darrell fashion as both Skip and Molly are huge bicycle fanatics and neither believes in planning too far ahead or following any sort of schedule or map.

If you’re reading this, my guess is that Molly successfully pawned one of her business cards off on you and convinced you to check out this blog. For those of you who know either Darrell well (and if you know one you might as well know the other), you may be surprised that a blog exists. Neither Skip nor Molly is particularly fond of using technology to communicate or keep in touch, but they have agreed to send Rachel (Molly’s daughter and Skippy’s niece) one photo each day, which she will then post to share will all of you!


25 thoughts on “About

  1. Skip

    Boy am I impressed with Rachel’s work.

    • Janice

      I am really impressed as well. This means I don’t have to go out and by a camcorder for skip to wear on his helmet. Thanks Rachel.

  2. Diane

    Best wishes for a fun, safe trip. Dan and Diane

  3. Michaela

    Your bike looks ready to go!
    We eagerly await your first post.

  4. Janice

    Went to Kent’s graduation this morning and Skip you would have been very proud, he won the Kinsolving. Went to lunch at Tarks with K&M after graduation and had a delightful time with them. Jack’s is coming over this afternoon to cut the grass, etc. Jack just walked in and said he loves and misses you and hello.Please call me when you get a chance. Miss you terribly.

  5. Beth Darrell

    We love you and miss you terribly, as well!!!!

  6. Don McPherson

    Molly and Skip: Great pictures! We are following closely. Have fun. Thanks to Rachel for setting up the communication link. Don and Ann

  7. Bill Rowe

    Wow what a great trip — if there was ever a two person team to accomplish this – you two are it!!! If you go through colorado for any of this – let me know will be there from June 13th to 24th — always open for a stop in Aspen, Silt, Glenwood Springs or Vail Colorado! All the best – stay safe! Bill Rowe

  8. Beth Darrell

    Adorable!! Thanks for the picture of the Murphy sign. I am living vicariously. So envious of your adventure. Thinking about and praying for you daily!!! XOXOXO

  9. Alcy, Wendy

    It was great to meet you as you passed through our town. Hope you found your BBQ, and your warm shower. Thanks for sharing your trip with us; we’ll keep an eye on you as you go. Have a fantastic time!
    Alcy & Wendy, on the waterfront in Corvallis.

  10. Don’t forget, someone in Boulder is waiting to hear how we can get together! I’d love to put you up, though I can’t promise much in the way of accommodations. And I’m ready to drive a reasonable distance just to have dinner or lunch with you.

  11. Janice

    Hey Rachel- good job.

  12. Awesome. It’s very cool that you’re sharing. Enjoy the ride!

  13. Steve


    Glad you’re enjoying your trip. Butch and I both agree that Buildweek at Habitat isn’t the same without you. Now we need to discuss whether it’s better or worse. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

  14. Lori Palmer

    Yep, Molly gave me a card when we met at a campsite in Grangeville, Idaho. I was doing a roadtrip on a motorcycle and camping along the way. Just got home this evening. Molly and Skip, you both are an inspiration! I hope to bike across America one day. Remember, I love two wheels…the throttle or the pedal. 🙂 I will be following your blog daily. God bless and ride safe.

  15. Mar Harrison

    Hi Molly and Skip,
    I am enjoying your trip so much – living vicariously, I guess. The scenery is wonderful and you
    two look enough alike to be twins! Keep on pedaling!!!!

  16. Dana

    Hi Skip and Molly! This is Dana Edwards. my husband Rob and I were at Jackson Hot springs this past weekend and met you guys. Great visiting and have a fabulous trip! Again, if you run into a little short red head that looks like a leprechaun, that’s Johnny Miner and his wonderful wife Kate. Give him a nudge off the road from us! Take Care and maybe i will see Molly in VT some day.

  17. Anna from Australia

    Hi Skip & Molly! No cell reception, so trying to getcha this way. Think I may be ahead again – went straight to Moran Junction from Moose instead of continuing to Jackson (some folks in Moose told me I’d seen the best of the Tetons already – not sure if they were right!). Loafed around in Moose for a bit thinking I might see you, but no luck. Just wanted to say that, if you stay in Dubois, lovely folks in the local Episcopal church let cyclists stay in their community hall. Also, big roadworks on road up to Togwotee Pass and really brutal headwinds once you’re over. Dubois seems like really nice little town. Ride safe!

  18. Nice to meet you both in Teton Mountaineering in Jackson, WY. Jealous of your trip!

  19. Hi Skip and Molly,

    It’s David from Yellowstone! Not sure when you will be in Lander, but I wanted to be sure to suggest that you get a meal at the Gannett Grill/Lander Bar and that you stop by NOLS Rocky Mountain over on Lincoln Street to pick up some food other than chefs, pant butter, and jelly. Happy travels and pleasure to meet you!

  20. Matt Orendorff

    Go Skip, Go! Todd Lamonia just turned posted this on Facebook and it brightened my day. Will be following the ride from our new home in Moorestown, NJ, living vicariously over the coming weeks. Be safe and enjoy the ride…

  21. Sara Porter

    Wow you two are amazing! What an experience you are having! Looks like you are meeting a lot of people from all walks of life. How cool. I have loved seeing all of your pictures and reading about your many adventures. Stay strong and safe. We will be following your blog and rooting you on as you go!

  22. George Schultz

    Hi Skip and Molly. George Schultz here. We met you guys at Teton National Park on Friday, July 6th, I believe. If you remember, there were 5 of us. My brother, John, his wife, Linda, my fiance, Betsy and my daughter, Holly. We made it back to Florida last week. We hope and pray that you both made it home safe and sound with some fantastic memories. Write us if you can.

  23. Steve Smith

    Skip and Molly,

    I am so impressed by all that you have achieved and the adversity that you overcame in the process. Well done! Molly, although I don’t know you directly, I have known Skip for many years and often use him as my role model in trying to be more physicallly fit. Congratulations to you for not only having persevered having Skip as a brother, but for accomplishing so much with him by your side on this trip. There are not many who would think to do such a trip at any age; for you two to take it on at a “more advanced” point in your lives is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share it with us all on your blog.

    Best regards,

    Steve Smith ’75

  24. cecily patterson

    Hi Skip and Molly, Sunset Magazine just voted Litte T Bakery in Portland one of the top 3 bakeries in the Northwest. As you might recall, this is the bakery where you had your first carb download before we drove to Astoria. I’m glad you made it all the way home! xo Cecily

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